What Is Social Psychology?

Topics: Psychology, Mind, Sociology Pages: 2 (660 words) Published: July 3, 2011
What is social psychology? According to your textbook, what are some big ideas in social psychology? What effect do these ideas have on behaviors? Social psychology is the influences from our situations and how we view and are affected by one another (p.4). Even though it is fairly a young science, it makes sense because the studies that were resulted from the last century are warranted. We have evolved from how we think to what others think about us are more of a concern in society. When I think of what the text book was stating about how we have evolved with asking questions on why we do the things we do. Also what makes us do those things are important as well. Look at our society right now, a lot of people are hurting because they had security in knowing that they had a stable job. Now many are dislocated workers and lost their homes. So what must they be thinking they should have done better to secure their future than what they have done? What must happen for them to get the security back in life? What would it be like if a mass of money fell from the skies would some do the right thing and help themselves or would they give it back (p.5)? I would give it back because that kind of money would come back to haunt me. I need to have a clear coconscious. I am honest and would want people to see me that same way. My character is all I have in this world and I don’t want it tainted by any bad junk. I found an article of a man that turned in the money because he didn’t want the police to track him down ( , ). He weighed his options and made the right choice. He thought about his family needs above the wants in his life because of the repercussion he would have gone through. Myers, D.G. (2010). Social Psychology (10 ed.). NewYork, NY, McGraw Hill. (, June 1997). Man Turns in Cash That Fell From Truck. The New York Times. Retrieved from http://www.nytimes.com/1997/06/02/us/man-turns-in-cash-that-fell-from-truck.html?src=pm

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