What Is Significant About the Narrative in Chapter One of Enduring Love?

Topics: Narrative, Narrator, Unreliable narrator Pages: 2 (637 words) Published: October 2, 2012
What is significant about the narrative in chapter one?

In the opening chapter of Enduring Love, the narrative is very important as it helps the reader see the narrator’s opinion of what happened that day leading up to the accident of John Logan’s death.

In this chapter, there is mainly a use of interior monologue to describe the events as the narrator is using first person to describe what was happening and is verbalising their thoughts as they occurred. This type of narrative is a good way to make the reader feel only what the narrator feels, this is because it is in first person narrative therefore the story is very opinionated and one sided.

The constant switch from the narrator’s perspective to a buzzard’s perspective has been done to make the reader believe that the narrator is reliable. This is because the narrator is using more than one point of view; however, the narrator still wrote the buzzard’s outlook therefore, it is still all from one point of view. The narrator describes the buzzard as if he knows for a fact what it saw, ‘I see us from two hundred feet up, through the eyes of the buzzard…’ which can show us that the narrator believes their version of events are correct and factual rather than opinionated. This style of narrative is therefore significant as we see the narrator’s (Joe Rose’s) version of events and what he feels another view saw the events as, backing up his perspective. This could have been done to make the narrator seem less involved with the accident that happened that day by linking in a different point of view.

At one point, Jed Parry is brought into the story. The change to the buzzard’s view again makes the reader side with the narrator as they seem more trustworthy by using more than one perspective. Moving to the buzzard’s point of view makes the actions seem truer as an animal overseeing the whole story would be more observant. This is shown when the buzzard sees Joe Rose (the narrator) and Jed Parry,...
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