What Is Scenography

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  • Published : May 20, 2011
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The design of space in Theatres & Exhibitions and its effect on their audiences.

What is scenography and how does is effect space in theatres and exhibition spaces. An introduction into scenography for the theatre and exhibitions spaces. A study into the term ‘Scenography’ and Performance Design in the theatre.


‘Every set design frames the performer.’
‘All stage designs are created worlds, so what makes a world opposed to a performance environment?’ ‘Set the performance in a particular time and place – historical, futuristic, a specific social or political environment, a mythical or fairytale world.’ ‘The audience is invited to share the experience of a wrap around world rather then being asked to observe.’ ‘Where does the performance space end and the audience begin? The auditorium may be included into the design concept; the floor of the set reaching under the front rows of the seating.’ ‘The lighting may also suggest a world outside, with strong shadows and patterns.’ ‘The world may be a bare unified space, or it may be composed from an assembly of furniture, props and objects.’ ‘Paint effects, texturing, textiles and colour, all used to unify the world. Costmes and props contribute vital information to the completeness of these designs, helping the audience to believe in the characters.’ ‘Lighting and projection design are hugely influential aspects of contemporary performance. They embody the fourth dimension of Peter Brook’s ‘stage moving picture’ transforming 3D space and structure.’ ‘Set designers and visual artists working in performance choose to design their own lighting and introduce projection and digital media as elements of the set.’ ‘A time frame, an environment and a context that guide and inform the audience in its appreciation and enjoyment of the performance.’ ‘Mould and sculpt the performance space to negotiate the relationship between what takes place ‘on stage’ and the audience.’ ‘Space lies silent, empty and...
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