What Is Rurality and Urbanity-Lutgarda L. Tolentino, Phd

Topics: Sociology, City, Agriculture Pages: 3 (1001 words) Published: January 23, 2013
What is Rurality and Urbanity-Lutgarda L. Tolentino, PhD

The rural-urban differences can be demonstrated using three parameters such as occupationally, ecologically and socio-culturally. But it seems not easy to explain these differences of the two. Before dichotomy and continuity of rural and urban were used to differentiate these differences but today it is not that relevant for the results seem to be ambigous. But the new rural sociology rediscovers the relationship of agriculture and rurality that these are part of the whole social system evident in how farming, a practice in agriculture, is related to other sectors of society and it differs in terms of its organization in the industries mostly found in urban areas especially on its relation or closeness to nature. And because of this closeness and dependency of agriculture to nature we can easily see the differences of nature in the rural and those in the urban. His is true in the fact that cities nowadays are not only the center of industries and production but also a center for interlocking globalizing dynamics of financial markets as well as it acts as an economic motor of the society. Cities also act as a source of vital agglomeration of economies and is a source of cultural revitalization. Furthermore, cities in the globalized societies can be said as complicated. It has no definite characteristics, there is no uniformity in its features. And because constituents of cities are mostly transients, semi-permanents,locals,immigrants and so on they exhibit and manifest heterogeneity,shifting identities and multipolarity. Social interactions in the city are not being done by actual or face to face interaction but because of its busyness and in addition the existing high technologies they interact through the use of it like the Internet, social networking in particular and it is possible that they are interacting with people that they not completely know and strangers to them because as mentioned earlier...
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