What Is Responsibility?

Pages: 3 (811 words) Published: December 26, 2012
What is responsibility? - A duty or obligation to satisfactorily perform or complete a task (assigned by someone, or created by one's own promise or circumstances) that one must fulfill, and which has a consequent penalty for failure.

Meaning of responsibility
* Responsibility is taking care of your duties.
* Responsibility is answering for your actions.
* Responsibility is accountability.
* Responsibility is trustworthiness.
Responsible children
* Understand and accept consequences for their actions and try to correct their mistake * Complete assignments and task.
* Do the "right thing" and apologize if wrong
* Help others in need
* Follow through without giving up
* Understand the effect they have on others

My Responsibility towards school|

1. We should Respect the teachers and fellow students
2. We should complete our class assignments regularly according to the instructions of the teacher. 3. During a class hour, we shouldnot leave our classroom without the permission of the teacher. 4. We should not leave school during the day without permission of the school administration as they would be worried about us. 5. If absence from school is necessary because of illness or other legitimate reasons, we should bring a written excuse signed by a parent or guardian upon return to school. 6. We should warmly greet our teacher as to show respect to him /her. 7. We should sit politely in front of our teacher and not make him/her angry. 8. We should not throw the wrappers of chocolates and rubbish anywhere inside the school campus as it may cause diseases and also make the school dirty. 9. We should clean the blackboards after one period is over if the board is used before the next teacher arrives. 10. While going to the labs or playgrounds we should switch off the fans and tubelights as it will save both the electricity and money. My responsibility towards home

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