What is Rad Bradbury message or warning to his readers?

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What is Rad Bradbury message or warning to his readers?

Trapped in an African veldt and devoured by virtual lions that spring to life, Lydia and George’s “Happy life Home” (7) turned out to be their last horrendous “nightmare” (24). Ray Bradbury’s “The Veldt” introduces a dark futuristic tale, forewarning readers on the dangers of the heavy reliance on technology through a dystopia that progressively dehumanises the children and annihilates the parents. When the setting of “Happy life Home” is first introduced, Bradbury portrays a seemingly serene technology-controlled home, which “clothed and fed and rocked them to sleep and played and sang and was good to them” (7) – them being referred to as the Hadley family. However, this positive portrayal of the home is soon altered as the character of the mum, Lydia, is embodied by a sense of alienation and disorder, where she claims, “I feel like I don’t belong here. The house is wife and mother now and nursemaid” (11). Evidently, the heavy reliance placed on technology to complete every house chore and all mundane tasks involved in a family life has stripped away Lydia’s independence and value, where she feels incompetent to fulfill her role as a mother. Contrastingly, the children, Wendy and Peter, are so damagingly addicted the virtual world that they spend every sparing minute and effort in the nursery. They refuse to imagine a world without the existence of technology despite the extent of deterioration in their family relationships. George acknowledges that his children treat them with “secrecy and disobedience” (17) and when he shuts down the house, the children “screamed, threw things, sobbed, swore and jumped at the furniture” (22). Clearly, the children are spoilt and the overuse of technology has desensitized the children, where their love for technology has predominated the love for their parents. This is again evident when Peter seethes “I wish you were dead!” to George when he refuses to “turn on”...
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