What Is Racism? Where Might One Find It in Britian Today

Topics: Racism, Race and Ethnicity, Discrimination Pages: 6 (2546 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Within this essay, I will provide an historical account of how racism first occurred and how it has taken our government some years to implement any polices that are relevant to this topic... For me to answer the first question within the essay I must first identify different views from varying authors because racism means different things to others like many things in life. By doing this and defining the fundamental term, I can begin to start answering ‘What is racism?’ For me to answer the second part of the question ‘Where in British society will one find it? ‘I will turn my attention to how racism is portrayed in the police service. Highlighting events, which have been historical in showing that racism, does exist within our police forces. Using the literature as a guide I will explore what polices are implemented to help protect ethnic minority groups Exploring how and if institutional racism played a part in these events and how the polices that we have in place failed Stephen Lawrence. It was a common occurrence in the 18th century for Africans to be sold in the slave trade. This was not due to prejudice against the Africans but for the reason the merchants wanted to make a profit. During this time a profit was been made by the merchants contributing to economic profit so the logical thinking originated that white people were more superior. British government argued that as we had power over the countries that it was for honourable cause and that ‘white supremacy’ was required for human growth. As early as the 1950’s concern was growing and major debates where happening on race relations, immigration, and the longer term acts of discrimination amongst those of ethnic minorities. However, as stated in Solomos (1989:80) ‘The first measures to deal with potential racial conflict and tackle racial discrimination were taken in the 1960’s.’ This some ten years after the first concerns were raised. What is racism? Where in British society will we find it? Racism exists in many forms in British society today. This can present itself in the form of verbal, Physical, emotional and the general treatment of ethnic minority. ‘One in three admitted regularly making comments or being involved in discussions which could be considered racist’. (Reilly, 2013) Racism stems from the belief that one nation or one person is superior to another. Racism has manifested itself in to more than one particular situation and with its narrow mindedness; it has evolved overtime. Racism has many different forms and can be found in our education systems, the police service, the National Health Service and the government and in society in general. William Macpherson reported (1999) ‘that racism within all organizations and institutions… it infiltrates the community and starts among the very young’. We can define racism by using the formula prejudice and power equal racism. Another form of racism is when the use of radical prejudice is turned in to an action that damages others. Racism is purely based on the colour of another’s skin. Belief that one race is far more superior to another race. Racism is also destructive and exenterates people through shattering their identity. Racism is colossal issue in today’s society and is causing so much conflict amongst many parts of our world. When discussing racism my idea of the subject is that one person feels they are superior to another. In addition, the colour of someone’s skin becomes a problem for some people. Wetherell and Potter suggest,

‘In the absence of any definition, the concept becomes meaningless and opposition to racism is hindered. If racism is defined too broadly – all white people are racists. (Wetherell et al, 1992:15-16, 69-71 cited in Miles et al, 2003:3) With the above quote in mind, I feel that racism is going to be a vast topic to define and that without an appropriate definition are all white people deemed as racist? Child line (2013) define racism as the following; ‘Racism is...
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