What Is Project Schedule

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What is a project schedule?
A project schedule consists of a list of project (terminal) elements with an intended start and finish dates. The project terminal elements are the lowest element within a schedule that are not subdivided but estimated in terms of a resource requirement, a budget and duration. The project schedule is use by the project manager as a tool for the work breakdown structure known as the WBS. The project schedule remains preliminary until the resource assignments have been confirmed, however it may be presented in a summary form, a tabular or in detail form. Provide an example of a project milestone.

Is the framework of project management, a milestone is a special event that receives special attention such as a Defense Acquisition (below): Although milestones are put before the end of a phase so that the corrective actions in a case of problems can still be met and the deliverable can be completed in time. Milestone charts are similar to bar charts although milestone charts identify scheduled starts, or completion of major deliverables and a key external interface. | Phase O| Phase I| Phase II| Phase III| Phase IV|

Determination of a mission need| Concept of Exploration and definition| Demonstration and Validation| Engineering and Manufacturing Development| Production and Deployment| Operations and Support|

Milestone 0 Milestone I Milestone II Milestone III Milestone IV Concept Studies Approval| Concept DemonstrationApproval| DevelopmentApproval| Production Approval| Major Modification Approval as Required|

How would you explain to a project team member what a dependency relationship is between two tasks and why it is important? Explaining what a dependency relationship between two tasks, would be to first define what it means. Therefore, dependency is a relationship between two tasks in which one task depends on finishing of...
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