What Is Professionalism

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Telephone, Professional Pages: 3 (952 words) Published: November 14, 2011
Professionalism can be defined in many different ways and from different perspectives. As defined by today’s dialect, it can be an awareness of behavior, goals and qualities defining a specified profession, knowledge of professional codes of ethics, and understanding of ethical schools of thought, patient professional interaction models, and patient rights. Professionalism means being the very best you can be. This mindset or set of values is sent to everyone around you and your workplace, both on and off the job. Also, your attitude is a direct reflection of who you are. Moreover, the way you treat your staff and co-workers is a mirror reflection of your level of professionalism. Another major example would be what you say about your company, medical program or workplace while away from the site will give other’s a great insight into your professionalism. In reality almost everything you do is a reflection good or bad . There are many sides to professionalism. It’s important to understand that professionalism is verbal and nonverbal. It can also be physical or non-physical. The impact of the first impression can speak so much of a person and is not easily erased. So it is always important to be your best and project yourself in a positive manner. Within thirty seconds people will form an opinion of who they think you are. This will include but is not limited to your: economical level, educational level, trustworthiness, social position, level of sophistication, social and educational heritage, success in current and previous accomplishments, moral character and if they like you ! A young professional must also realize nonverbal cues also speak about who you are. This would include the way you dress. Your clothing, does it fit properly? Is it too tight? Does it match? Is it clean and pressed? Is it appropriate for the situation? Another area of interest is mannerisms, for example body language. How close do you stand to one another? Do you stand confidently or...
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