What Is Poverty? - Negative Comments

Topics: Poverty, Homelessness, Will Smith Pages: 2 (692 words) Published: March 31, 2013
1. Method of using words
I disagree with the method that the author used. In almost every paragraph, the author used “Poverty is…” to tell the readers what it is. However, the things she told us are mostly her personal experiences. So, this is too subjective. There are lots of definitions of poverty for every range of people. Therefore, I disagree with the author using this to tell the readers what poverty is by experiencing only what she had been through in her life. 2. You ask me what is poverty? Listen to me. Here I am, dirty, smelly, and with no "proper" underwear on and with the stench of my rotting teeth near you. (Paragraph 1) Reason: Though people without money could be really poor and cannot do lots of things, it doesn’t mean that poverty is all like this. I think this gives people bad images of poor people and will have stereotype on then. Therefore, when people know someone who lives in poverty, it will make people be afraid and stay away from them without giving them help. 3. Poverty is looking into a black future. Your children won't play with my boys. ……. Or they will turn to the freedom of alcohol or drugs, and find themselves enslaved. (Paragraph 10) Reason: Poverty might be really terrifying because it is a life without money and food, but with pain. However, this paragraph leads the readers to a miserable thought. Does it mean that poor people will stuck in poverty for their whole life and there’s no hope to escape from it? Children might be given some supports from the government. Or they might be given help from a charity and lots of possibilities. Therefore, nothing can prove that the poor will have a black future instead of a good one. 4. * The words which are used in the article are mostly negative. e.g. (para.1) stench, rotting teeth and dirt, etc.

* The attitude of life is pessimistic.
e.g. (para.10) they will turn to the freedom of alcohol or drugs….there is for her a life like mine. → focused on miserable and pathetic things...
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