What Is Personality?

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What is personality?
No one is born with a personality but what constitutes a personality is what we are born with for example if you are born with allergies it would make a direct influence on who you are/become as well as environmental factors and situations that you encounter. ( Personal characteristics and behaviours that shape who we are as a person, it is these tendencies that allow us to distinguish one individual from another. Unique traits and factors that people possess that are influenced through our behaviour and how we react to the environment and world around us. Individual factors and characteristics that make a person who they are. Such factors and characteristics may group together or separate people from one another. Are we all the same? Are we unique? The combination of individual and common traits/characteristcs that determine an individual’s, behaviours and thoughts. Person’s sense of individuality and uniqueness which constitutes their identity.

* What makes us us
* Unique traits and f0actors
* Behavioural traits
* How you react to something
* Environmental
* Measure of compatibility (label of a concept)

Kelly’s Personal Construct Theory

What is personality?
Set of characteristics that are defined by how we react to stimulus in our context and how we are perceived. Ultimately your thoughts – your thoughts determine your perception of the world, the way you see yourself is how you see others. Defines the set of characteristics, thoughts (both conscious and unconscious) and habits developed over a period of time, from contextual factors such as education, family etc that creates an individual different from others in responding to stimuli. Personality is traits, actions, and behaviours which reflect how you perceive someone. The way an individual expresses themselves through different behavioural tendencies that are constructed over a period of time....
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