What Is Particularly American About the Mormon Religion?

Topics: Joseph Smith, Jr., The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Mormon Pages: 2 (710 words) Published: March 22, 2013
Dufie Nsia-Debrah
March 6 2013
History 3329*01
What is particularly American about the Mormon religion?

The Mormons faith was founded and created on the soil of America but one cannot help but to wonder what is particularly American about this religion. To answer this question we must traveled to the past and witness how the church of Mormon came into existence. In the 19th century to call someone a Mormon is close to calling someone a Muslim terrorist. Today Mormon is one of the world’s fastest religions regardless of the enormous of repression Mormons endured over the past two generations.

The Mormons religious practice has always put them in a suspicious or outcast position. In the Mormon Faith, the Bible is considered the word of God, but Mormons also believe God did not stop speaking and that he also spoke to Joseph Smith, the founder of Latter-Day Saint. Smith encounter with God is said to have happened when he was a young man in upstate New York. Smith claimed a Colum of light came to his room then a glowing angle informed him about the book of Mormon. The Angel led him to the nearby hill where he dug up a pair of golden plates. But he was forbidden to take the plate’s home until he is married with children. After he married, he and his wife returned to the hill, dug the golden plates from which he translated the book of Mormon. There were different version of his story, one was him going to the hill for forgiveness and later became more colorful. The final version came in 1838, which involves God, Father and Son, it question if Joseph was just building a story to intensify his empowerment. After his “revelation” Joseph inspired men, women to love, and devote their entire lives in supporting his believes. He had that charisma to make anyone he come across love and believe him. He then became not only the founder of the Mormon, the Alpha and the omega as well. He is one fascinating but yet complex human being. Joseph believes that everyone...
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