What is Organizational Psychology

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Organizational Psychology
Christine Marchi
University of Phoenix
June 18, 2009

Organizational Psychology
In the world of business, how people within an organization act as members of that organization has an immense influence upon the lives of all individuals. Often, this impact is something that many people do not always consider except when the result is very bad or very good. One example of this occurs when individuals praise a company’s success or express disappointment at instances of corruption within a corporation. An important step in understanding the influence that the behavior of people within organizations has on the many aspects of people’s lives is learning about organizational psychology. The purpose of this paper is to define organizational psychology, explain that role that research and statistics play in organizational psychology, and finally to describe how organizations can use organizational psychology.

Defining Organizational Psychology
In the most basic terms, organizational psychology uses the scientific psychological principles and research methodology to study numerous topics that are vital to comprehending human behavior in different organizations. An applied field, organizational psychology is relevant to numerous work settings, applies research in the effort to increase productivity in the workplace. For example, choosing which employees are suited for a certain position within an organization. According to Jex (2008), an organization’s very essence is patterned human behavior, or that individuals have a specific type of structure imposed upon them. Within an organization, this structure generally relates to the organizations policies, job descriptions, and for most organizations a set of values that employees must follow. No organization can become successful if the individuals within the organization are doing what they want without consciousness of how other individuals’...
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