What Is One Important Goal You Would Like to Achieve in the Next Few Years?

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  • Published : April 8, 2009
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To whom it concerns I sit here and can’t help but to think about the many things that I strive to accomplish in my lifetime. Such thoughts as how and where this life is going to take me enter my mind. I believe it is absolutely essential for one to maintain a constant level of productivity in order to for life to run its intended course. For me this productivity will be achieved only through a series of well defined goals. For organizational purposes, I have correlated the goals I expect to fulfill into seven primary categories which are: education and career, health, spirituality, family, productivity, adventure, and material things. Although these goals will server their purpose as a type of road map of which path I should follow, true happiness is found in the spontaneity along the way. I personally believe a well developed education should come first that’s why I signed up for Excel High to get my diploma. It serves as a foundation for almost everything that one will experience in life. My more immediate goals are those that pertain to my education weather formal or informal. Although I am still in the process of building my life, my one goal is to get an associate degree in Business management a start a clothing store with my older sister who has a fashion degree from State University of New York at Canton. So that’s one major achievement of many that I plan on working towards accomplishing in my life.
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