What Is Normal Range of Emotions

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What is the normal range of emotions?

The extent of the range of one’s emotions will vary from person to person and will be influenced by a litany of unpredictable and unforeseen circumstances that affect us in life. Experiencing fluctuations of emotions is completely normal. But dramatic swings in emotion can be physically taxing, mentally draining and put serious strain on our relationships and personal happiness.

The different types of ranges, their symptoms and functional impairment is Severe Mania: much insistence by others that patient get medical attention, patient unable to function in any goal directed activity. Symptoms: little or no sleep, delusional, invincible, explosive, hallucinatory, catatonic. Functional Impairment: needs close supervision, has no judgment, puts self and others in danger, should be hospitalized.

High Moderate Mania: very significant difficulty with behavior and goal directed activities, can’t focus, non-productive. Symptoms: grandiose, very disruptive, little or no sleep, reckless, increases in energy and activities. Functional Impairment: little or no judgement, not directable, outlandish behaviors, can’t function at work.

Low Moderate Mania: noticeable impairment; others feedback about behavior; less productive, unfocused. Symptoms: irritable/euphoric, intrusive, grandiose, increases in energy, decrease in sleep, increase in spending and phone calls. Functional Impairment: poor judgement, sometimes disruptive at work and home, difficulty with goal-oriented activity.

Mild Mania: no impairment or mild impairment, functioning possibly enhanced. Symptoms: decrease in sleep, ebullient, energetic, more social, mildly pressured. Functional Impairment: little or no impairment can be focused and productive.

Mild Depression: no impairment to mild impairment. Symptoms: subjective distress, low mood, sleep and appetite O.K. Functional Impairment: functions well at work and at home, little or no impairment in social...
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