What Is Newsworthy?

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What is newsworthy? Timing, significance, proximity, prominence, human interest are the five factors that all reporters use to decide if it is newsworthy or not. (Media College.com) I also believe that I would want to hear the news that is most important and that is exciting to watch and listen to. With an article or story that is national news it will become the story that you, the reporter, would love to get in order to get good ratings.

I find this article I read to be newsworthy for the fact that a local company was given the rights to improve facilities at Project Angel House. Project Angel House is a group that gives hundreds of thousands of meals throughout our region free meals to people living with life-threatening illnesses including HIV/AIDS, cancer and kidney failure. (Pohl, 2012) Having compassion for people that can’t afford to work and make money to feed themselves helps people live their final days more peacefully. I feel that having a heartwarming story in a news cast will pull viewers in or to just stick around to hear it will help the overall station. People love to hear good things that are happening to their local community or proximity to help struggling people that can’t afford the food they need to survive or prolong their lives. It has its effects on many people around the world and the significance is important to the viewers. Having good timing in the news cast that gives a happier ending in the middle of depressing stories gives some sort of a boost of encouragement to the public. Just the basic human interest is the goal that everyone should live by and that is taking a story and making it full of emotion and compassion to another fellow human being is an awesome way to end a telecast as well. As this story has said that with this new construction on their facility that they have it will be able to serve four times as many meals that they currently do. (Pohl, 2012) In 2011 they were able to serve more than 427,000 meals throughout...
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