What Is Motherhood

Topics: Cooking, Mother, Family Pages: 2 (768 words) Published: October 19, 2009
What is Motherhood?Some may ask what exactly motherhood is. As a mother, I take this serious. Being caring and having patience will be the main two components for me. This is a full time job for most mothers. This tends to get expensive if you’re a single mother. If you’re not living it then it’ll be kind of hard to understand. Nothings easy about motherhood and hopefully you will feel me after reading this.Motherhood is selfless. Being able to put all of your personal needs to the side and put my children’s first. Motherhood is being a safe and nurturing provider. This is making sure your child have clean clothing as well as shelter. Supplying the needs of a child comes first.From the beginning, I awoke every morning with something to do. I prepared breakfast for my children everyday. It was bacon, eggs, and toast or a bowl of cereal. Lying in the bed wasn’t an option for me. When the children got out of bed they were ready to eat. They didn’t understand I was tied; all they knew is that their stomach was feeling funny. Laundry was next on the list for me. Making sure all clothing was gathered and stain treated. I always felt like my children had to have nice clothes. Clothes were expensive so I made sure that I took good care of them. Then I had to pick up around the house and get them ready for school.Motherhood is remembering. It is remembering to do everything. Remembering, everything for everybody while shopping. Making sure everything is done which was impossible to do. Because just when you thought all was done something else came up. After getting my children I would go home and cook dinner. I made sure that I cooked dinner at least five times a night for my children. I think a lot of love comes out of cooking and that was one reason I cooked several days. But I believe children need home cooked meals more often, it shows them some sense of stability. Then it was getting the house back clean. Cleanliness was a must for me...
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