What Is Military Geography?

Topics: United States, 2003 invasion of Iraq, World War II Pages: 3 (912 words) Published: May 16, 2011
What is Military Geography?
Long before the history of military being recorded, conflicts among humans existed. There will always be different kind of views, ideology, perspectives, needs and greed in every part of the world. The most crucial moment is, when greed overcomes mind. Authority, territory and fame are the common pursued purposes. From those days onwards, military was founded under circumstances that to expand and to conquer others, to defend and to offend; it has indeed became a very important aspect in building an empire or a nation. Today, speaking about military geography clearly stands for the study on the combination between the knowledge of warfare and the knowledge on earth.

In the ancient China, there is a proverb saying that “anyone who controls/ predicts the weather accurately will conquer the world.” There were a lot of wars or conflicts lost or won because of the geography aspect. It can simply means the weather, terrain, seasons, temperature, water, direction of wind, type of forest and so on so forth. Plenty of examples in the world that show how important is it to master the knowledge of geography and use it in warfare strategy. A very good example will be Vietnam. A small and used to be underdeveloped country defeated two world developed countries, France at first and next the United States of America. During the two wars, the Viet Congs were armed with much outdated weapons compared to the two countries; however, weapon’s technology was not really their strategy in winning but the guerilla tactic. As we can see on the globe, the location of France and USA are different from Vietnam, every aspects regard the geography mentioned above are different. Vietnam has much thicker and damp forests. Besides that, the outsiders are not familiar with the geography of Vietnam, the heavy machineries such as tanks and artilleries cannot be transported well and were lacking of warfare experience in thick forests.

A few more examples of how...
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