What Is Melting Pot for Today

Topics: Religion, Cultural assimilation, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 1 (256 words) Published: April 8, 2013
What is melting pot for today? How it associate to malaysian cuisine

The defination of melting pot according to the encyclopedia litterly means, a pot in which or other materials are melted. It also carries others meanings which is, a place where diffrent people styles, the services are mixed together. Besides all the above, it also means a place where a varity of races, cultures or indivivuals assimilate into a cohesive whole which is people get close together. What is the melting pot for today? In my own opinion, Durian crepe is the melting pot for today. As everyone knows, the main ingredients of making this dish is durian. The king of all fruits! Its heavy, thorny and very tasty. Durians which is available through the year in Malaysia and this is asscioate to malaysian cuisine. It’s also famous nowdays and can be found everywhere from the hotels to streetside. Durian crepe will be something that carries the taste, flavour, and trend today in Malaysia. As we are all aware that Malaysia are multiracial and religious coutry. This dish should represent something that combines the factors that we just mention, the various religions, race and cultures are able to consume and enjoy this dish together. Durians crepe is asscioate to malaysian cuisine because most of the people here loves to eat durians compared to other country. Durian crepe has indeed change the perseption and prejudice of many people about durians. It is infact a truly Malaysian cuisine which is freshie, tasty and trendy.
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