What Is Marriage?

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  • Published : December 4, 2012
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What is Marriage?
Marriage is defined as a social and legal contract between two individuals that unites their lives legally, economically, and emotionally. While this gives the basics of what marriage is, I believe it involves much more than that. My personal definition of marriage is when two people share a mutual understanding, respect, and love, and wish to make their relationship with each other permanent. They are willing to commit to each other for their entire lives.

When marriage first began, it had nothing to do with the word love. It was simply a means of preserving power. Kings would marry off their daughters to form alliances and gain more land to add to their kingdom, but the main purpose of marriage was to produce heirs. The word marriage was actually derived from the Latin word matrimonium, which means mother, and the Latin word maritare, which means to provide with a husband or wife.

Marriage has always been an evolving institution, formed by the wants and needs of its participants. Love was never a main factor until marriage was no longer needed to survive. People could now choose who they wanted to marry. Although, when love became the influence of marriage, divorce became a much more common practice. People would get married for the wrong reasons, or they would marry someone whom they thought they loved and could spend their life with. In today’s society, at least half of marriages are ending in divorce. People are ending their marriages because of money, infidelity, or disappointment in their choice of a mate. Some couples get married because they are having a baby, and they think that it is what they “have” to do. Then a few years later on they realize the only reason they are together is because of their child. Other people marry someone who they think they can live with the rest of their lives and somewhere down the road they realize they made a mistake. Since I have never been married myself, I can’t judge people...