What Is Management?

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What is management?

Management is so crucial that no company can succeed without paying enough attention to it. This article will focus on the meaning of management.

Management as a social science deals with human beings (Management Study Guide 2012). According to Oxford Essential Dictionary (2006, p248), management is ‘the control of something, for example a business, and the people who work in it’. More specifically, management is working with and through other people to achieve the objectives of the organisation (Montana and Charnov 2008). It can be discovered from these definitions that people is the core of management. However, it is very difficult to predict people’s behaviour, because ‘people tend to develop ways to resist change and uncertainty’ (Peace 1987, p36). As a consequence, an excellent manager should have the talent of motivating people (Hall et al 2008).

According to Daft (2011), management has five basic functions including planning, organising, commanding, co-ordinating and controlling. This is agreed by many authors. With the development of social science and technology, the science of management has been divided into different disciplines, such as Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Risk Management. Moreover, there are multiple levels of management: top management, middle management, and first-line, or supervisory management (Answers 2012). Management is not just a simple scientific topic but a sophisticated knowledge system.

In conclusion, understanding management helps to perform well in business world. However, management is not a simple concept but a comprehensive system which includes groups of people, different functions and it is developing all the time.


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