What Is Love?

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  • Published : March 27, 2009
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Prince George’s Community College

What is love?

SPH 109H Professor Richardson
Shannon C. Valdiviez

I. What is love? (Definitions) 3-4
II. Types of love emotions5
III. Conclusion…………………………………………….6 IV. Bibliography………………………………………….7

Love has always been and interesting topic to me because it seems to have no limitations; desired by many, and disregarded by some. Have you ever heard the expression ‘’Love is a universal language’’? What does this really mean? People around the world use the word “love” to express themselves in many forms and fashions. Articulated here by Harriet Sun, in her article College Sex & Love: What is true love? Harriet exemplifies simple common uses of the word: “Love. It's a commonly thrown around four-letter word. "I love macaroni and cheese." "I love Vanilla Ice." (Remember that?) Sometimes, even an "I love him" or "I love her."”[1] We all have our own ideas as to what love means to us, but this is usually based upon our own personal experiences and emotions, not factual evidence. I wanted to further investigate as to what the “real meaning” of love is and how it effects people particular relationships. Is love just a four-letter word used all too freely? Is love some abstract emotion or feeling; or is love ore simplistic? What is love?

Love, is thought by some not to be a feeling, but I personally would describe it as a feeling, and emotion, a state of being and mind based upon one’s intuitive cognition. Due to love’s central psychological importance, it is major facilitator of interpersonal relationships and in its various forms, is one of the most common themes in the creative arts. Many have used love as insperation for their works in plays, movies, poetry, music, dance, paintings, and other various forms of self expression. In researching the definitive meaning of love, I was surprised to come across so many different interpretations of the word. According...
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