What Is Love?

Topics: Love, Personal life, Romance Pages: 2 (675 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Love is difficult to define. How do you avoid confusing it with infatuation or lust? Philosophers and psychologists both have attempted to define love or at least its difference from infatuation and lust. There are different stages of the feeling love, one being lust or desire for someone or something ie. gold, money or jewels. Another, a feeling of loyalty or intense protectiveness of those around in in a family unit or such that you designate as your life mate or partner. The final is lust or passion that underlies physical desire, sexual behavior, and arousal. This is the physical side.

Expressing love may start as flirting with smiles, winks and maybe even kissing; however, it is usually infatuation at this point that is approached with curiosity by one or both parties. While time is usually spent looking to discover more about this intriguing person, much time will be spent pondering the many possibilities of what could happen, or the consequences that may become of a certain action, or, on the other hand, the good that may come of it. Concentrating has become a serious mental struggle and even fun pastimes may seem worthless, as pacing and walking or even simply sitting or lying while musing about the person seems a most engaging thing to do.

Love is much more than a risk, but a risk in which, one can take and grasp and fall into a dark abyss and only crawl back when you overcome your emotions. Love is characterized by the desire to want good things for that person no matter what. As long as you're willing to work out your problems together and communicate and if you can hardly breathe when you're around them. Even though you may see them all the time or hardly ever, it's as if you get that rush of what you felt when you got your first kiss. Although this may be a much more joyous belief to have of love, there are also those situations where love does fail. This can be easily said to have been due to false love like infatuation where both parties...
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