What Is Love?

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Definition essay
“What is Love?”

What is love? The words “I love you, I love this, I love that” can have many meanings

and can vary according to the person making the statement. For example, when you say

you love your mother, does it have the same meaning as when you say “I love baseball”?

Is the love you have for your mother the same as the love you have for baseball? Though

both statements say you love, are you meaning the same love? Probably not. So what is

the different meaning of love in these two statements? I believe we can find some of the

different meanings of love and possibly define the word “love”. I believe the word love is

defined best by the Bible.

Lets explore some of the different aspects of love and look for a definition together.

What is the one emotion that “makes the world go round”? What is the one emotion

that has started as many wars as it has ended? Is love the most powerful emotion

man can have? I believe so. Love for another can make someone give up their most basic

rights and their very lives to see someone they love be better off. We have seen this in

movies and heard it in songs. We all have seen movies depicting someone giving their

life to save someone else from death or some other horrendous consequence.. What

about the love Romeo had for Juliet? Not wanting to live without his true love, he ended

his life rather than go on without her.

What about the different levels or degrees of love? Let’s discuss a few. First off, what

about friendship between two people. Isn’t this a lesser kind of love? Two people who

care about each other, want the best for each other, and look forward to spending time

together? Secondly, what about love for family and love for siblings? We live our whole

lives living each day with our family members, knowing them intimately, growing to

love them more day by day, and needing them more and more. Thirdly, I believe, is love

for a spouse, the romantic kind of love. How many Hollywood movies have been

produced about this kind of love? Good luck with counting them. How many romance

novels have been written about romantic love? Millions? How many love songs have

been written, recorded, and aired on radio and television? This may be the most talked

about kind of love. Fourthly, love for God and country is yet another kind of love, I


A respectful and dutiful kind of love that without which we would not have the

protection and freedoms we enjoy. A soldier giving his life in the line of duty because of

his love for God and country is a prime example of this kind of love. Finally, what about

Gods love for us, which I believe is the purest and best example of love? That is a pure

and sinless God giving his life for fallen humanity and asking for nothing but our love in

return. The Bible goes further and says that God not only loves but that “God is love”

and that everything that exists emanates from Him. I believe that love comes from God

and we would not have it without Him.

How can I identify love? What ingredients combine to make love? Can I know love

when I see it? I believe so. Love is caring and giving, respectful and loyal , affectionate

and with devotion, selfless and kind, with commitment and honor, faithful and true, and

so many more things. Unlike feelings of affection or just liking someone, love is much

deeper, requiring commitment and often times self sacrifice. How do I know if I love

someone or am just attracted or infatuated with them? How much am I willing to give up

for that person? How much of myself am I willing to give up in exchange for their

presence in my life? These questions can help me decide.

Does love last forever? Is it never-ending? If I truly love someone today, will I

therefore always love them, as often stated in our movies and...
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