What Is Learning

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What is Learning

Learning is commonly defined as the process that groups together cognitive, emotional & environmental influences & experiences for acquiring & enhancing personal knowledge, skills & values etc. (Ormorod, 1995; IIIeris, 2000). It is knowledge acquired by study. A Learner wishes to gain & commit to memory new skills, to be taught, to find out & acquire knowledge. Learning is simply not just to listen but to build on prior knowledge & transform information into intellectual activity. Some people learn by “Having a go.” They try something out sooner rather than later then reflect on it later either alone or in discussion with others, Retrospective reflection. Other learners are more kinetic in their learning by paying close attention & observing what is being taught in its visual form, physical demonstrations, videos, rather than theory. We are constantly learning by taking in information. Sensory stimulation is the basic learning tool (Laird 1985). Laird quotes through research that 75% of the vast knowledge held by adults is learned by seeing. Hearing accounts for 13% whilst touch, smell & taste make up 12% of what we know. Stimulating the senses (especially the visual sense) learning can be enhanced. Stimulate all the senses & greater learning takes place. Colours, volume levels, statement facts presented visually all enhance what & how we learn. Positive reinforcement or verbal reward “Well done” “You’ve got it” etc make the learning process pleasurable for the learner as do achieving a certificate at the end of a course etc. (Burns 1995). Formalized learning is educative learning we are aware that the task we are undertaking entails learning. In other words learning is the task, we are more aware in order to enhance it as it has guided stages of learning. (Rogers 2003). Acquisition learning is viewed as” continues” it does not have general principles such an example would be parenting. What works...
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