What Is Landscape Architecture and Its Role in Sustainable Development ?

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What is Landscape Architecture and Its role in Sustainable Development ?

1.0 Introduction
Landscape architects plan the most harmonious relationships between the land and the objects on it by proper combination of open space and planting. They may work on parks, gardens, housing projects, school campuses, golf courses, or airports. They begin a project by reviewing the needs and desires of the client. They study the site, mapping such features as the slope of the land, existing structures and the type of soil. They check local building codes and availability of utilities make drawings, which outline the work in detail, and draw up lists of materials to be used. They then invite bids from construction companies and landscape nursery companies. With the awarding of the contracts, their work may be finished, or they may stay on to supervise the work as their client representative , all these are included into their varies scope of work. In planning a site, landscape architects first consider the nature and purpose of the project and the funds available. They analyze the natural elements of the site, such as the climate, soil, slope of the land, drainage, and vegetation; observe where sunlight falls on the site at different times of the day and examine the site from various angles; and assess the effect of existing buildings, roads, walkways, and utilities on the project. They prepare a preliminary design. To account for the needs of the client as well as the conditions at the site, they frequently make changes before a final design is approved. They also take into account any local, State, or Federal regulations such as those protecting wetlands or historic resources. Computer-aided design (CAD) has become an essential tool for most landscape architects in preparing designs. Many landscape architects also use video simulation to help clients envision the proposed ideas and plans. For larger scale site planning, landscape architects also use geographic information systems technology, a computer mapping system.

2.0 The profession of Landscape architecture
Everyone enjoys attractively designed residential areas, public parks and playgrounds, college campuses, shopping centers, golf courses, parkways, and industrial parks. Landscape architects design these areas so that they are not only functional but beautiful and compatible with the natural environment as well. They plan the location of buildings, roads, and walkways and the arrangement of flowers, shrubs, and trees. A landscape architect is an individual who arranges and modifies the effects of natural scenery over a region of land so as to produce the best aesthetic effect for the land. Landscape architecture is the design profession, which applies artistic, cultural, and scientific knowledge to the design, planning, and development of the land.

2.1 Definitions of Landscape architecture
The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), The profession,(http://www.asla.org/sustainablelandscapes/about.html) retrieved on 7th April 2012, offers the following definition which implies on landscape architecture is the profession which applies artistic and scientific principles to the research, planning, design and management of both natural and built environments. Practitioners of this profession apply creative and technical skills and scientific, cultural and political knowledge in the planned arrangement of natural and constructed elements on the land with a concern for the stewardship and conservation of natural, constructed and human resources. The resulting environments shall serve useful, aesthetic, safe and enjoyable purposes. From that result , landscape architecture are by meant considering the value of the land to be a part of their compulsory goals in designing , they are trained to not only focusing on design the parks as all people knows but in specifically to protect its natural elements . Based on British Columbia Landscape Architecture, Profession,...
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