What Is Konyo?

Topics: Philippines, Filipino people, Filipino language Pages: 3 (932 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Communications II
So Konyo
What is konyo? Well, the word actually differs in meaning depending on the location. Based on the Spaniards, the term refers to the female reproductive part or the vagina. The Mexicans defined it as the action of hitting someone in the head or as to a punch. Other Latin American regions used the term for cursing or calling someone with bad reputation. And as for the Filipinos, the term defines a variety of things that include way of living, the way of speaking, mannerism, and even the fashion sense that a person holds. Filipinos also referred to konyo’s as those half-breeds or mestizos back in the Spanish era. In the Philippines, most likely in the metro, we use this term so much. When we hear a person say “ang konyo mo” to another person, there is no clarity whether what this person is thinking of about the other. This happens since in our setting, we have given rise to multiple functions of the word. One of which is that the term depicts someone who is fluent in speaking the English language but experiences difficulty in Tagalog. So for this person to fit into our system, wherein Tagalog is used more often, he would try to speak the language even though he is unaware that what he is actually is doing is mixing these two languages. For example, “Miss, do you know kung available si Dr. Santos for consultation mamaya?” And as we can see the effect of that somewhat makes him sound sosyal for us. Another function for the term is for illustrating people who dress up fresh. But when it comes to this topic, the boys are the ones whom are usually described. This is because there is a stereotype that a konyo person either wears fitted shorts, paired with a polo shirt, and white shoes, or fitted pants (usually three-fourths) that others fold, a top, and shoes (usually plimsolls). They also prefer cardigans/blazers instead of jackets. Also, we must not forget the fact that brand of clothing matters to these people. The term also is used to...
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