What Is Justice and How Can It Be Achieved?

Topics: Law, Justice, Ethics Pages: 3 (783 words) Published: April 5, 2008
What Is Justice And How Can It Be Achieved?
There is much talk about justice today, fighting a just war, how justice will be served on the terrorist and justice will prevail, living in a just world etc., but it is not at all clear to us what it meant when justice is used in these ways.

I searched online for justice and what I came up with is the following headings: Department of Justice
Bureau of Justice
International Court of Justice
Criminal Justice
The Court of Justice
Juvenile Justice
Institute for Justice
Center for Law and Justice

But these are all institutions, named under the support of Justice. It doesn’t get us any closer to what the notion of what justice really is. I read “The Declaration of Independence of the United States” then I thought about the pledge of allegiance. You know how it goes, and I remember as a kid, standing up in class reciting, simply because it was the end of the pledge, “Indivisible, for liberty, and justice for all.” We recited that last phrase, but didn’t really know what it meant. Now, with all these institutions for justice, with all this talk of a just war from President Bush, or the injustices of the world, it’s sounds like to me, we all are a little confused about our notion of Justice and what it really means. I believe the word ‘Justice’ means ‘fairness’. It is the basis on which laws are put into force. If somebody has done anything wrong according to law, they must be punished. It also means you should be treated rightly and fairly by law. Another aspect of Justice’ is, deciding carefully and fairly whether someone actually did something they are accused of, ask O.J. Simpson what was Justice back then or ask the Goldman family what is Justice now. If there is proof against him, then only can he be punished for it. (“What is justice?”). In general, Justice can be defined as punishing the guilty, when found to have crossed the limits of the law. Justice is the perfection of life; it exists in all...
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