What Is Job Analysis?

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  • Published : May 1, 2007
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Chapter 3
What is job analysis?

I.what is job analysis?
A. Job analysis defined
- is the procedure through which you determine the duties of these jobs and the characteristics of the people who should be hired for them. a)Job description – the production of information on the job's activities and requirements. b)Job specifications – the kind of people to hire for the job 1. Job analysis and equal employment opportunity (EEO)

- Job analysis plays a central role on EE compliance. See chapter 2
B. Methods of colleting job analysis information
1. Interviews
2. Questionnaires
3. Observation – physical activity (ex: janitor, accounting clerk) and mental activity (ex: lawyer, engineer)
4. Participant Diary/Logs – ex: ask workers to keep a dairy log of list of what they do during the day.
5. Other job analysis methods
C. Writitn Job descriptions
- it should include what the jobholder does, how he or she does it\, and what condition the job is performed.
- the manager writes a description of the knowledge, abilities, and skills needed to perform the job.
1. Job identification
2. Job summary
3. Relationships – inside or outside the organization
4. Responsibilities and duties –
5. Authority
6. Standards of performance – description of employees duties and responsibilities.
7. Working conditions and physical environment – ex: noise level, hazardous conditions, heat and others.
8. Using the internet – most employers probably still write their own job description using the internet
D. Writing Job specifications
- What human traits and experience are qrequeired to do this job well?
- what qualities should the candidate should be tested
- they will relate to length of previous services, relevan training, and job performance
E. Job analysis in a jobless world
- de-jobbing reflect the fact that most workplaces need to be more flexible today.
1. the future of job...
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