What Is Jcaho & What Role Does It Play in the Current Healthcare System-Is It Necessary

Topics: PH, Respiratory physiology, Blood Pages: 3 (734 words) Published: November 14, 2012
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Homework # 4

The factors that would cause the lung to collapse are elastic recoil and high surface tension. And the factors that prevent the lungs from collapse are negative intrapulmonary pressure and surfactant. During expiration : volume increase and pressure decrease

During inspiration : volume decrease and pressure increase
The role of surfactant is to decrease surface tension by more than 40 times. And it's effect on surface tension is to prevent them from
PO2 in alveolar : 104
PO2 in venous blood : 40
PO2 in atmosphere : 160
PO2 in arterial : 100
PO2 in expired : 120
PO2 in inspired : 160
Co2 is 20 times more soluble in water than oxygen
Anatomical dead space : the section where there is no gas exchange Physiological dead space : the sum of anatomical dead space and alveolar Dead space And it would only increase if a person is sick for example suffering from asthma . Compliance in respiratory care: how much stretch you have how much changes in pressure naturally the lungs have a high compliance . Low compliance : pulmonary edema and cystic fibrosis

High compliance : emphysema : where a person can get air in and can't get it out O2-Hb dissociation curve:when the curve mov to the right there is less saturation of hemoglobin . When is shift to the left less oxygen release more oxygen bound to hemoglobin. Situations that would cause more o2 to release are high temperature, low PH , exercise , high co2. Way O2 are transport: hemoglobin and plasma

Way CO2 are transport : plasma , bicarbonate ion , and carbamino-compounds Chloride shift : exchange of bicarbonate for chloride across the red blood cell The role of the phrenic nerve : excite the diaphragm and intercostal muscles , causing breathing movements. Anatomy respiratory membrane: a simple layer of squamous epithelial of alveolus and a simple layer of squamous epithelial of the capillary very thin, together the alveolar and capillary walls and their fused basement...
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