What Is Ideal Match

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All of us do have good kinds as well as bad ones. The problem is that some kinds, which we personally consider as good one, can be considered as bad one by our mate. Another problem is that you can consider one of the kinds as the most important whereas your mate can just neglect this kind. But being ideal match does not mean to be equal in a number of kinds. I can give you an example. I knew a couple who differ from each other a lot. She was from a good family background having good table manners and speaking always correctly. Having wealthy parents she was always clean and smartly dressed and sometimes she used to dress up the outfits that cost probably a fortune. With her perfect academic qualification she was very serious about her career having fantastic job prospects. Being from the different social class he was her antipode. He dressed up punk style trashy clothes; his language consisted of slang words. He never tried to make a good impression on somebody. He was fancy fooling around everywhere. Everybody said that it would not last long when they started to going out with each other. She was often irritated with him and his behavior. Every time we thought she is fed up with that and we afraid of that she would go off him immediately. But he was always up to apologize to her for his acts so sincerely that she forgave him all the time. They looked to be absolutely incompatible with each other, but they were satisfied with each other. Finally, whey got married and now they’re expecting a second child being absolutely happy. Summing up I would say that the question of being ideal match does not strongly depend on this or that kind’s possession. This is the question of common outlook, mutual understanding and respect.
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