What Is Homosexuality

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  • Published : May 20, 2013
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What is homosexuality and why I disagree with it

Homosexuality has no definite definition but, to society homosexuality is a relationship between two people of the same gender. Same sex relations is not a genetic defect, or mental illness, it just means that men and women are emotionally and sexually attracted to the same sex as theirs. This act is learned through combinations of shaping factors and personal choices. Many believe that a person is born this way, others believe that some people are gay because they chose to be gay. Many with this life style have a sense that they are different from an early age and results them in acting gay. The media has tried to give proven facts why people turn out this way but, it’s false it’s a choice and a way of life. The direction of attractions is not something that a person can change like a light switch going on or off. Weather gay or straight, a person has the right to make a decision on what they want to do and be. The perception of being different is a factor. People have difficulties in their life weather big or small, that’s a part of life, and gay people are still humans. They go through just as much as a straight or elderly person. Why do people experience same-sex attraction? Generally, it seems that there are a number of different factors that are of different degrees of importance in different people's lives. No two people adopt a homosexual self-concept or lifestyle for exactly the same reasons. One may have had a poor family background; another may have an "ideal" balance of love and discipline in the home. Parents may influence a choice for homosexuality, but they cannot be held entirely responsible. Note, not all have bin through this but it is a way that the style of life can be developed. Over time or depending if they got help with their issues and worked through the situation made them become attracted to the same sex. What is God’s view of homosexuality? God considers sexual activity with a person...
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