What Is Homeostasis?

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  • Published : January 5, 2013
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Homeostasis is an automatic process that happens inside our bodies. It is the process whereby, our bodies try and keep the conditions inside the body the same, whilst the conditions outside of our bodies may differ. Factors inside our bodies such as: Temperature, water and salt and sugar levels should be kept at regular levels at all times. Homeostasis is in charge of this. Because the environment outside of our bodies is changing all of the time, it may become difficult at times, for us to maintain the levels inside. Being in a hot or cold environment or doing an efficient amount of exercise are ways, outside of the body, that can have an effect on our body temperature and levels of sugar, salt and water. In homeostasis negative feedback is the way our bodies, maintain our levels constantly. So when there is a change that occurs in our bodies, the negative feedback immediately, causes a corrective mechanism to start, which takes back the change and returns the system back to normal. There are 3 things that help us do this. They are receptors, a processing centre and effectors. Receptors are there to find out when levels change. A processing centre is presented with this information where they then understand it and gets ready to resolve it and lastly, our effector is the way the levels are resolved to their usual states. During efficient exercise, our levels of water, sugar and our temperature may change by either increasing or decreasing. Ensuring these levels are maintained the same during exercise is crucial as they can have serious consequences on our bodies. When exercising a past a certain amount, our bodies begin to produce heat. Because of this sweat is produced as a form of water evaporation and exits the body through the skin. The water in our bodies contains sugars and salts. As a result of this, there is also a decrease them. The reason the body works in this way is to ensure the body temperature does not exceed its maximum temperature of 37...
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