What Is Hijab

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Hijab workshop plan !!!!

1. Ice Breaker
2. Introduction of Topic
(Tell everyone what I’m going to go over)
3. Brief Discussion on Topic
(Get audience involved and see what their thoughts are) 4. Activity
(should directly correlate with topic)
5. Follow-up
(Revisit the purpose of the workshop)

At the end, leave the group with something to think about or something memorable they can pass on.

Ice breaker to get to know the people and get comfortable * MAYBE A LITTLE GAME

Introduction of the topic

Al Hijab, What is Hijab, how to wear Hijab, how not to wear Hijab, evidence of the Hijab in the Quran and hadith, why wear Hijab?

Brief discussion

Questions I will ask:

• What is Hijab?
• What are the areas which Hijab covers?
• Why do we have to wear Hijab?

They will give me their responses and we will clear up the misconceptions or add to that which they have said by quoting from the Quran

The 7 conditions of proper Hijab

1. It should cover the entire body except for what Allah swt has excluded as permissible to be seen this cover is a separate garment from the regular clothing and in quranic terms is known as jilbaab.

The jilbab as mentioned in the quran extends from a woman’s head down to the floor so that her body is covered including her clothing beneath it and covers her so that the dimensions of the body are not easily recognised, if when walking the feet are exposed and the skin can be seen the woman should wear opaque stockings or socks to cover her feet. This is based upon the the hadith of umm salamah who was told by the prophet pbuh that women should extend their hems so that their feet would be covered. In another hadith the prophet pbuh told umm salamah that a woman may pray in one garment “if it is long and flowing and covers the top of her feet” In addition if the woman is wearing any type of jewellery then the jilbab must...
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