What Is Happiness

Topics: Emotion, Sadness, Feeling Pages: 2 (430 words) Published: April 12, 2013
Then, we are going to talk about the factors lead to unhappiness. These mainly focus on three aspects, Academic, family and social.

We may all be experiencing pressure in the academic aspect. And this news shows that not just you and me would face this problem, but it is a common problem in Hong Kong. This news show that the Hong Kong society emphasizes much on the high educational level. Students would face great academic pressure when they try to get a good grade. In 2012, four students committed suicide because of it. One of them is a student from HKUST. He focused on getting high GPA. He has tried his best but still can’t reach his goal. He felt depressed and committed suicide.

Does anyone have faced these problems??

May be I can share my own one. As I am a associate student I also care about whether I can get a good GPA. It is because it affect whether I can get into university. I study biomedical science so I need to remember lots of biological knowledge. I find it hard to remember, especially the anatomy one. Sometime, I would vent my pressure on my family members. I know it is wrong but I just can’t control it.

Next, I will talk about family aspect. A divorced family would affect our emotions because the children would think that they live in a broken family and have the feeling of imperfect. They would feel depressed. Next, do you still remember the Manilla Hostage Crisis in 2010. The captain of a tour, Masa is killed. The death of the family member would arouse people emotions. As u can see in the new, Masa’s mother feel sad when she thinks of her son because she can’t see and touch her beloved son again. I can share my own one. When I am seven years old, my grandma left me. At that age, I don’t know much about death but I feel down because I lost a person who can play with me.

And I will talk about the social aspect. We are becoming youung adult and need to buy flat. However, the price of the flat is quite high today. Therefore, we...
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