What Is Good Marketing?

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What is «good» marketing?
That is the question. In order to answer this issue, it is worth taking a step back to reflect on what is the primary goal of such discipline. In this essay, the scope will be restricted at a consumer-company relationship. The purpose of a company is to make profits, it uses thus marketing as a mean to make prospects buy and so to generate sales at the end. Henceforth, the assumption here is that « good » will be taken in an effective sense meaning successful in selling products - and not an ethical sense, which could have been another interpretation of « good ». Psychology plays a key role in marketing. In fact, an emotion, a consequence of a stimulus, will influence the choice of the consumer through emotional conditioning (Werner Kroeber-Riel). It will be explain how dealing with emotions can lead to effective marketing. Good marketing is context dependent. Therefore, there is no single recipe to do good marketing, and that is even more relevant in today’s world where marketing is everywhere, in each interaction between each person (physical or legal) living in the world of consumption (third level of consciousness). Furthermore, those entities are constantly changing but the surrounding environment too and accordingly marketing has to adapt even more to those variations. That is why there are infinite ways in doing good marketing in our current liquid world (Zygmunt Bauman). However, one best strategy of doing effective marketing is to produce emotions when attracting customers. First of all, good marketing is to create positive stimuli resulting in positive emotions when communicating to potential customers whether it is through media or direct communication. The prospect will get emotions if he recognizes himself or feels concerned by what it is communicated or simply get good feelings. It means that showing positive situations through visuals or through verbal references are stimuli that will create a positive attitude for a...
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