What Is «Gendercide» and How Can It Be Overcome?

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  • Published : December 19, 2012
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Unnatural selection

Raising a daughter is like watering your neighbor's garden Chinese Proverb

Meathu Churana is the first woman, the inhabitant of India who sued her own husband for trying to kill theirs unborn daughters. Meathu lives and works as a doctor in Delhi. We can just sympathize with her story: the husband and his family wanted the successor, but the ultrasonic results revealed that twin-girls will be born, though the laws of India forbid finding out a sex of a child during the pregnancy. The woman was forced to make an abortion, was locked in a room, they didn’t feed her, the husband throwed her downstairs to provoke an abortion. But despite of everything Meathu run away to her parents and gave a birth to healthy girls.

After two years she began a legal action against her husband, but, alas, achieved nothing. However Churana does not surrender and continues the struggle, maybe this struggle is a vain in her country but it is worth doing.

In some densely populated, but not so developed countries to give a birth to a boy is considered as a more acceptable thing. But even if a girl is born, she is despised and the relatives refuse the most necessary things to her: meal, health care and education for benefit of her brothers. As an ultrasonic diagnostics is already extended in these countries, parents have a temptation to get rid of the unnecessary unborn girl with the help of abortion. It is very strange and sounds wildly enough and it is almost impossible, but, unfortunately, the fact remains. India is not the unique country where boys are preferable. When the well-known boxer, the world champion Mohammed Ali was asked, how many children he has, he answered: "One boy and seven mistakes".

"People want the big weddings, rich...
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