What Is Freedom

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  • Published : April 30, 2013
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“It is the responsibility of the writer to expose our many grievous faults and failures and to hold up to the light, our dark and dangerous dreams, for the purpose of improvement”. -------------------------------------------------

– John Steinbeck

JOHN STEINBECK – the author

1. When and where was Steinbeck born? Author John Steinbeck was born February 27, 1902, in Salinas, California.

2.What kind of work did Steinbeck want to pursue? Was he successful in the beginning? Before the of Steinbeck’s career he always wanted to be a author/writer. At the start of his career he was not successful.

1. Name three different places Steinbeck worked before Of Mice and Men was published. How do you think his experiences during this time could have influenced his writing? He worked as a laboratory assistant; he was a reporter at a construction building. He wrote a book called “cup of gold.” I think that this would of helped him by writing things down quickly, getting experience and working with otheres

2. It has been said that what John Steinbeck saw for himself, and what he read about in the newspapers made a deep impression on him. He felt it was “part of a writer’s responsibility to write about these conditions” in his stories. What can you assume Steinbeck thought of his own work, and of writing as a profession? He felt that he had a duty to serve the people. He felt that his writing should inform people of what was going on. -------------------------------------------------

Research using the Internet:

3. Provide an explanation (in 3 or 4 sentences) of what is meant by...
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