What Is Factoring

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  • Published: February 4, 2013
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Factoring in India [pic]


Chapter 1 Introduction Page no
1.1 Evolution of Factoring05 1.2 The Kalyanasundaram Committee Recommendations on Factoring07

Chapter 2 The Concept of Factoring09
1. Mechanics of Factoring10
2. Types of Factoring10
3. Export Factoring14
4. Mechanics of Export Factoring17
5. Types of Export Factoring18
6. Scope of Export Factoring in India21
7. Services Offered by Factors22

Chapter 3 The Players26

Chapter 4 Factoring Vis-à-Vis Other Means of Financing28 1. Services Currently Available28
2. Limitations of Current Arrangement29
3. Bills of Exchange Vs Factoring32
4. Conclusion32

Chapter 5 The Market34
1. SSI Units and Factoring34
2. Factoring as a Remedy35
3. Factoring for SSI38
4. Other Potential Segments38
Chapter 6 Relevance of Factoring Services in India40 1. The Legal Framework41
2. The Present Law42
3. Suggested Legal Framework 44

Chapter 7The Hurdles48
1. The Summary49
2. Opinion from Factoring Representatives51

Chapter 1



The term 'Factor' has its origin from the Latin word 'farce' meaning 'to make or do’, i.e. to get things done. The dictionary defines Factor as an agent, particularly a mercantile agent. Factoring has a long and fascinating history which traces back to several centuries. In early stages, Factors were itinerant...
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