What Is Euphemism

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What is Euphemism?
* In simple terms, an euphemism is just a less explicit substitute for an explicit term or phrase. It manages to conceal the offending nature of the word or phrase, but still gets the meaning across. This has led to the birth of many satirical movies, shows and books that effectively use the art of 'double meaning' phrases in an attempt to humor people. * From a moral point of view, the person who produces this content has a responsibility to ensure that his content does not offend any particular person, least of all, children. For instance, talking about sexual intercourse openly in a movie is bound to have a bad effect on children, and this will greatly offend their parents. As an alternative, the birth of phrases like 'to sleep with' or 'to make love to' have found their way in popular culture, and they are less graphic and explicit indicators of the same action. * The most common euphemism examples for kids are found in the realm of movies and cinema, and most filmmakers have even adopted this technique and made it beneficial for themselves. Movies like 'Scary Movie' and shows like 'Southpark' regularly make use of euphemisms to denote something explicit, but make a parody out of it at the same time. Examples

One of the most common examples in the English language is the phrase 'passed away' to refer to someone who has died. To simply say that a person has died could be viewed as offensive by some people, and therefore a politically correct way of saying this had to be thought of. This is something that people are sentimental about, and all measures must be taken so as to not offend somebody.

What it Says| What it Means|
Adult entertainment| Pornography|
Ample proportions| Obese or fat|
Armed intervention| War|
Batting for the other side| Homosexual|
Between jobs| Unemployed|
Bun in the oven| Pregnant|
Categorical inaccuracy| Lie|
Character line| Wrinkle|
Collateral damage| Civilian...
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