What Is Environmental Psychology

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What is Environmental Psychology

Roxanna L. Baker


January 30, 2012
Francis Uzonwanne

What is Environmental Psychology?

What does the environment have to do with psychology? What is environmental psychology in general? What is the main purpose for environmental Psychology? These are three questions in which need answers. There are various definitions on environmental psychology, however they all come down to this: environmental psychology is typically the field of psychology in which focuses the studies on how changes in a physical space, such as the environment, and any possible related physical motivations may affect individual behavior. The field of environmental psychology circles around various fields such as environmental design, architectural psychology, ecological psychology, social ecology and even sociology. Environmental design involves the ordering of the large-scale aspects of the environment by using things such as architecture, engineering, landscape architecture, urban planning and regional planning. Architectural psychology is contains a vision of helping others and an ethic of care. Ecological psychology is simply the study of human nature relationships. Social ecology is another way to say human ecology, in which is the field of sociology that studies the characteristics of human population. Sociology is simply the study of human functioning with in society. The main purpose of environmental psychology is formatted to help various types of professionals (such as architects, interior designers, and urban planners) in order to have the abilities and knowledge to work together to improve the environment for all of human kind. There are two levels of environmental space, the first is the personal living space level in which is considered to be the micro level and the second level is society and is considered to be the macro level. When it comes to the micro level by using the main basis of...
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