What Is Digital Business?

Topics: Internet, Marketing, Mobile device Pages: 9 (2651 words) Published: November 12, 2012
What is digital Business?

Internet and Mobile Marketing
Second Assignment

JAMK University of Applied Science International Business


Aila Ahonen


Moritz Schweizer

Jyväskylä, October 2012


“In the beginning of the new millennium, sending basic text messages to customers was considered by many companies to be highly innovative. Today, however, mobile technology is vastly more robust and people are far more confident in using it. So much, so that in many societies‟ people have become „mobile-dependent‟ – and we are coming towards the end of the first generation of mobile users. The impact of the mobile on the traditional time cycles of marketing, segmentation and targeting, as well as the creation of uniquely personalized marketing, has created an entirely new competitive environment in almost every industry.”1 Süreyya Ciliv, the Chief Executive Officer of Turkcell mentions in this marketing specific case that we are now on the edge to a new century of thinking about marketing channels. The young internet and smartphone generation do not fit well to traditional marketing strategies and operations. Because of that, companies are thinking nowadays about new ways to reach these young customers, especially over marketing via mobile devices to make their efforts more efficient. On the other hand we should mention that there are some target groups and branches, especially concerning elderly people or traditional and local branches which are very difficult and ineffective to reach with this new marketing ways. In the following text, I want to provide definitions of internet and mobile networks as a tool for marketing and of a typical customer in the web or in a mobile network. Furthermore I will deliver a comparison of traditional and modern marketing strategies/operations and the typical purchase process in the web and in the mobile network. Finally I outline an example of a successful and operational e-business and mobile service.


Varnali, K., Toker, A. and Yilmaz C. (2011): Mobile Marketing. Fundamentals and Strategy. 1. Circulation: McGraw-Hill Professional. Page vii.


I want to start the topic with the definitions about internet and mobile networks as a tool for marketing. “Mobile marketing covers a large set of applications which basically revolutionized the way modern companies conduct their business. Unlike any other existing media, mobile marketing enables distribution of interactive and personalized information to the consumer at the most appropriate time and place and in the right context and it provides an unprecedented opportunity to establish a direct link with consumer.” 2 According to Mort and Drennan it can be said, that an up-to-date business belongs to internet and mobile marketing. It is necessary for the companies to take advantage out of it and to build up a strong connection to the customers to face the requirements of competitive situation on the market. Furthermore Berthon, Pitt and Watson are executing the challenges and hurdles, which can be overcome from the modern way of marketing, which the traditional could not tackle. They say that “the space-time paradigm on which traditional marketing is based implodes into the „virtual now‟ of the network age and introduction of mobile technology into the business space is the ultimate catalyst of this transition.”3 So as we can see from the definitions, there are a lot of challenges of traditional marketing strategies and operations these days. They are strong linked to the nature of the „push process‟ of traditional marketing methods. For example, as a company you are pushing your marketing material over a marketing channel at your target market. These so called target markets could be reached over Television, Radio, brochures, trade fairs, hospitality, cold calling and so on. Therefore the order is that the company broadcasts enough so that eventually one or more potential customers are reached who...
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