What Is Culturalism?

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  • Published : October 15, 2011
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What is Culturalism? Be sure to include proper APA-formatted in-text citations and full references. (See Resources>APA folder for details) Richard Johnson coined the term “to indicate the presence of a body of theoretical concerns connecting the work of the three theorists” (Hoggart, Williams and Thompson). It can further be described as “the textual forms and documented practices of a culture” which make it possible to “reconstitute the patterned behavior and constellations of ideas shared by the men and women who produce and consume the texts and practices of that society”. (Storey, p. 37)

Identify one example of popular culture. Choose one of the theorists who contributed to Culturalism and discuss how they might analyze this aspect of popular culture. (Note: this should include a brief description of the theory including references to the text and notes) One of the most prevalent examples of popular culture today is reality television. Reality television is supposed to be the real, unedited events of a certain group of people. Raymond Williams describes there being three levels of culture. His first level is “the lived culture of a particular time and place, only fully accessible to those living in that time and place. His second level is “the recorded culture, of every kind, from art to the most everyday facts”. These levels are exactly what reality television is. I think that Williams would analyze reality television as an accurate representation of culture.

Is there a value-difference today between popular culture and high culture? Why/why not? Try to include examples in your discussion. I would say that there is a difference between popular culture and high culture today. Most of society looks at art and fine music as something for the rich and famous. They tend to be more interested in have the popular “it” item than they are about appreciating Van Gogh’s body of work. However, in the middle class if you have the “it” item such as...
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