What Is Crime

Topics: Crime, Criminal justice, Criminal law Pages: 3 (964 words) Published: March 17, 2013
What is crime? Crime is the conduct that is in violation of the criminal laws of state, federal government, and local jurisdiction. In normal terms, breaking anything that the people who make laws finds to be wrong and immoral. Crime nowadays can be pretty much anything. There are so many different items and actions that society and lawmakers are making illegal. The criminal justice system has been established to control these crimes and to protect those of us that are victims and to punish those of us that commit these crimes. Crimes are classified into parts like violent crimes, property crimes, white collar crimes, and organized crimes. Violent crimes which are considered: murder, rape, robbery, and assault. Property crimes are: larceny- theft, burglary, motor vehicle theft, and arson. White collar crimes are the types of crimes committed by those usually in a corporate business job who uses their resources and power to commit crimes of embezzlement, insider trading, price fixing, bank fraud, tax evasion, and concealment of product liabilities. Lastly is organized crime. Organized crime is just what everyone thinks it is. Mostly origin ran groups who don’t have a choice to get out or not. Some of these groups are the Chinese triads, the Mafia, biker gangs, Japanese Boryokudan, local street gangs, gypsies, and prison gangs. They are mostly led by a charismatic leader who has inherited the position by either time or hereditary means. These are the reason why we have the criminal justice system and its different categories. The criminal justice system is broken up into three categories: the police, the court system, and the correctional system. Each of these entities bring fairness, professionalism, integrity, and impartiality, which is expected at every stage of the criminal justice process, and it’s the special duty of the courts to ensure this happens. The police force is the “muscle” behind the criminal justice system. Police are the ones who enforce the law...
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