What Is Copywriting?

Topics: Advertising, Marketing, Communication design Pages: 2 (595 words) Published: April 9, 2013
What is copywriting?

Copywriting can be defined as text content in an advertisement. It can also be used marketing or in business. Copywriting can also be defined as the ones that sell. This is because in advertisement the image is the one that tells about something and the text is the one that sells something. Picture it if we have a poster that has and image only with no text and logo, the audience will never know what is the advertisement about or what is the function of the advertisement. Therefore copywriting plays the role of selling the product to the audience for the company. Usually the copywriting is basically a text with different size fonts and colors. This is to make it stands out more than the image.

To make a good advertisement we need to have all the elements of advertising. Copywriting plays important role in advertising. Copywriting is only a text that being used to make the audience read more about the advertisement. If we look back in the past we can see that copywriting were used in many posters and in newspapers since in those days paper were the only cheapest media there. Nowadays we can see copywriting has been used in many form of media either it is a press ad, printing ad, TVC and even radio ad. In order to make full use of copywriting we need to know the characteristics of copywriting thoroughly. Some of the characteristics are it must be an eye-catching to attract an audience. If you choose the text to be dark color when the image in the background is also dark color then you have fail to make full use of copywriting in your advert. You also need to make the information short and simple so the audience will get the main idea easily. In addition it is so that it will make them want to know more about the product or about the company. One more characteristic of copywriting is to apply the right tone for the target audience. The copywriter should aware and know who their target audience is and how to approach them. For copywriting...
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