What Is Civilazation

Topics: Sumer, Mesopotamia, Ancient Near East Pages: 2 (661 words) Published: October 2, 2012
What is Civilization?
According to Will Durant civilization is a “social order promoting cultural creation. He also says that civilization is constituted by four elements which are “economic provision, political organization, moral traditions and the pursuit of knowledge and the arts”. Based on his information these four elements are what a civilization is made up of. In order for us to conclude if his statements are true he lets us look back in history and compare what he is saying with historian facts about the nature of culture creation. The history of ancient Mesopotamia is a great example to find out about culture creation as well as Durant’s conclusion on civilization not being something that is “inborn or imperishable”.

In civilization there must be a “political order, even if it be so near to chaos that they need not look for death or taxes at every turn” (Durant). Society in general needs a leader no matter what time period it is. Someone has to be in charge and lead the rest of the human beings someone just has to be higher then the rest. In todays society we have presidents, governors and other state officials that run this country. They are our leaders, the ones that make the laws that us the people have to live our life by. The ones that deal with the trades between other countries that provide us with economy and jobs and many other things. Those are the people we rely on because we picked them to run this country in hope to better our lives. Similar to us the Mesopotamian society had their own leaders that they had chosen. They had the great warriors to be their leaders who would later be the kings. The people followed the Kings and would obey and praise them. The kings and queens and other great leaders received special treatment. In the video” TimeLife: The Lost Civilizations - Mesopotamia”, it said that the queens in their death were showered in gold and had special privileges in life compared with the other woman that had very little...
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