What Is Child Development?

Topics: Early childhood education, Sigmund Freud, Developmental psychology Pages: 2 (331 words) Published: March 10, 2013
2 - What is Child Development? 

1.  Read Chapters One and Two, Developmental Profiles
Child Development is the area of study that focuses on how children learn, grow and mature. Some Early Childhood Educators believe children are more influenced by their environment and others believe in the biological basis for child development. 
  Write a paragraph explaining why current Early Childhood Educators believe it is a combination of factors that influence the development of children. 

            With all of the studies that have already taken place it has been proven that there are many factors that influence the development of children. It is not just one approach but many approaches that have evolved and are implemented in curriculum based off of proven results of analysis and testing. The theories that have been developed include maturational; psychoanalytic and psychosocial; cognitive-developmental; behaviorism and social learning; bioecological; and essential needs. The combination of these factors are seen as a complex series of interactions that include environmental and biological characteristics. As caregivers and teachers observe and study children in multiple capacities, this will enable them to better understand the unique interests, abilities, needs and talents of children.

Name one early childhood education theorist from your textbook to support your statement. 

Erik Erickson’s theory was expanded on Sigmund Freud theory about ideas of personality development; however, he acknowledged the influence of environment and social interactions. ←                     

3 - Developmental Domains 

1. Read Chapter 2, Developmental Profiles

2. What are the Developmental Domains? The developmental domains are physical, motor, perceptual, cognitive, social-emotional, and language. These domains are intertwined with one another and are not independent one from the other. There has to be a mix of developmental...
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