What Is Charles Dickens Moral Message and How Does He Communicate It to the Reader in “a Christmas Carol”?

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Christmas Carol
What is Charles Dickens moral message and how does he communicate it to the reader in “A Christmas Carol”?

Christmas carol is a novel written by Charles Dickens (1812-1870) during the Victorian times in London. For me to explore the moral messages I feel it is important to acknowledge exactly what the message is. Charles Dickens throughout the novel communicates; Charity, goodwill, family, kindliness and humility as moral messages, however, I personally feel Charles Dickens most powerful and important messages are Goodwill, Family and Charity however I will still look at all moral messages as they all play an important role in A Christmas Carol.

In the book Christmas, stave 2, the ghost of Christmas past takes scrooge on several visits on which he learns important moral messages. Scrooge’s first trip is visiting his old boarding school and he sees himself when he was young and abandoned for Christmas. “There were a singing a boy singing a Christmas card at my door last night I should have liked to have given him something that’s all.” From this trip Scrooge learns Kindliness. Scrooge was not shown any as a child, which tells the reader why he is damning of it now. Seeing this makes Scrooge regret scaring away the Christmas carol singers that afternoon. We know that Jacob Marley was dead and he died before the story started. Scrooge experienced a visit by Jacob Marley and said that if he didn’t change he would end up like him, he has to give in and realise that he may need to change his ways, his own experiences make he relent.

Another moral message Dickens tries to communicate with the reader is charity. It is when the ghost of Christmas present takes him to the home of Bob Cratchitt one of his workers; “it is such a meagre feast” And this is where Scrooge sees the London’s poorest and he notices how grateful the family really are and appreciate each other for who they are and what they have got. He’s sees how little food they have got, and from this visit Scrooge learns the moral of Charity. Dickens has communicated this moral quite well as he knows what it was like to be a poor London family as he was one himself, his family was unable to pay debts as they weren’t earning enough money, therefore Dickens left school to work in a factory at the age of 12, his life was awful and had no hope for what the future would bring. Therefore Scrooge was a good example to symbolize the moral charity as he was the minority, which was rich, tight, and inconsiderate, he was a cold hearted, lonesome man and was not bothered about the poor as long as he had money he didn’t care about any one else.

In a Christmas Carol Dickens also communicates goodwill to which Scrooge also is reluctant to give Bob Cratchitt the whole of Christmas day off. “You’ll want all day off to-morrow, I suppose?” Said Scrooge. Here scrooge demonstrates goodwill but at a force because he doesn’t to give him the day. To which Bob replies “if quite convenient, sir.” Immediately Scrooge states that it isn’t convenient and it’s not fair. “A poor excuse for picking a mans pocket every twenty-fifth December!” the phrase “picking a mans pocket” shows that Scrooge compares Bob having the day off to practically stealing from him, also Scrooge sees this as a waste of a days pay for no work which is to why he said “but I suppose you must have the whole day, be here all the earlier next morning.” This is harsh but seeing Scrooges ways it is to no surprise he said this. Dickens use of language was used to get the moral message goodwill across.

Humility is another moral message, which Dickens tries to communicate with the reader. And this is done in Stave 3 with the ghost of Christmas Present. The spirit shows Scrooge how Christmas is celebrated in the Cratchitt’s family, here he sees how the Cratchitt, despite being a poor London family can be happy at Christmas. Having a large family Bob and his wife struggle as they have six children and Tiny...
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