What Is Caring

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Examination Of Caring

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the concept of “CARING” and to describe experiences and observations of caring and to describe experiences and observations of caring in the professional nurse. Caring is present in all aspects of nursing and is used to improve holistic needs of the individual person, family, and community. Caring is used in many ways and have many definitions. Caring is a state of mind in which one is troubled, worry, anxiety, or concern. It is a human instinct many people have especially with people who are close to our hearts, It is a job to most people and a lifestyle others and can be expressed in many different ways.

Caring can be shown in many ways, Eye contact, tone of voice, body language and positive and encouraging attitude. It plays a big role in nursing and is demonstrated through compassion concern to protect and enhance human dignity and society, Nurses use care every time , Caring can be shown in many ways, Eye contact, tone of voice, body language and having a positive and encouraging attitude, whether its talking to a patient about their day, bathing, feeding or even making up the patients bed, Just by doing simple things like this will make a patient feel like a normal person and not jus another patient your taking care of. Not only does it make the patient feel better it makes you feel better knowing that your making a patient life better by taking just a second of your time to make sure they are okay and need anything done for them

Caring is demonstrated in everywhere, community, households, schools and many more places. People use this characteristic to give another person a sense of feeling welcomed somewhere. An example of using care in a household would be a mother holding and keeping a new born baby by her side making the baby feel a sense of belonging. Using care in schools give the student confident to express what they feel, believe, and value. They can talk things out...
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