What Is Better to Live in a City or Country

Topics: High school, Saudi Arabia, Teacher Pages: 1 (381 words) Published: October 17, 2010
Life is not easy, but you can make it easy. When i was in the elementary school in my country, Saudi Arabia, the education was very easy. After that, i want to high school, and it was very hard because there are more subjects. While i was in high school, i had a lot of problems, but i faced them; moreover, i challenged my self to pass high school.

First, my early life was important in my education. My father put me in one of the best privet schools in the city where i was living before. I was living in Jeddah. I stayed in that school until the first year of high school. In that year, i had a problem with the head manager of the school. He thought that i hit my Arabic teacher, but some one else hit him. However, the manager fired me from the school, but he was mistaken. My father was very upset from the manager; however, my father went to the ministry of education, and he complained about my problem.

After that the manager called my father, and he told him he was mistaken. In the end of that semester i found that i failed in 21 subjects. I thought that that manager made me fail because my father had complained about the problem that i mentioned before. After that my father changed my school from private school to public school.

Finally, after two years in the public school, i was studying hard to pass the high school. In the last year of my high school, i faced a problem with my father. The problem was that he promised me to buy a new car for me before the end of the last semester of high school, but he didn’t keep his promise. So, i graduated with bad grades after i got a good grade in the first semester.

All in All, i was challenging my self with brining bad grades because those grades are not for anyone. they are just for me. Now i am suffering from my grades because i couldn’t find any acceptance from any universities. I want to thank my wife because she tried hard to help me, and she brought us to the U.S.A.
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